Colorado Springs, CO – According to KKTV News, a Colorado man passed away after police and firefighters responded to the incident located at the Country Suites Motel. In the middle of the night on June 27, 2021, a man was found floating in the jacuzzi after a 6 am safety check by motel staff. Firefighters who attempted to perform CPR were unsuccessful and law enforcement professionals are currently trying to identify the deceased.

Colorado Drownings Are on The Rise 

According to the Coloradoan, three people drowned in a Colorado reservoir in May 2021 due to kayaking accidents. These deaths add to the record of 34 water-related deaths in the state of Colorado. Many blame the ending of COVID-19 protocols to be the main culprit. The lockdown forced Colorado residents to seek refuge outdoors.

Some of the reasons that may have contributed to the record number of drownings in Colorado include:

  • Lack of appropriate attire for the outdoors
  • Boating alone
  • Boating inexperienced
  • Lack of proper equipment or essential safety gear such as flashlights, cell phones, and whistles
  • Possible intoxication
  • Lack of boat safety education
  • Sudden Immersion in Colorado’s cold waters

Many other reasons can play a factor in drownings. It is encouraged to practice preparation and safety precautions before exploring any of Colorado’s State Parks.

The Reality About Unintentional Drownings in the United States 

Unfortunately, drownings are not only an issue in Colorado. In the United States, the annual death rate of unintentional drowning United States is around 4,000, with over 10 people drowning daily. Drowning is now considered to be the third leading cause of wrongful death throughout the world.

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