According to CBS Los Angeles, the Irvine Police Department responded to a call around midnight on June 20, 2021. First responders found the four-door, Volkswagen Jetta, in flames and collided with a tree. Paramedics pulled the driver and attempted to perform life-saving measures. Unfortunately, the driver was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash. The accident is currently under investigation by Orange County law enforcement officials.

What to do if a driver is involved in an individual collision? 

Like most states, California is an at-fault state. This means that whoever is in the wrong will be responsible for compensation. If a driver collides on their own, then similar steps should be taken as a typical car accident. 

Some of the recommended instructions include the following: 

  • Call the Police – Many insurance claims will require a police report for their investigation and case. Even if you have not suffered any injuries or trauma, a police officer on the scene may be able to help you prevent further damage or future accidents.
  • Come to a Full Stop – It is never a good idea to drive away from any collision or scene. Keeping your vehicle at a full stop is essential for accurate reporting and might even be the reason you earn compensation.
  • Gather Evidence and Documentation – It is imperative to take photos of the scene and damage, gather insurance information, write down the order of events in the incident to the best of your ability, write down the order of events if possible and explain them to the police.
  • Prevent Any Further Damage – If possible, apply emergency signals around the scene of the collision. If it occurred at night, then a flashlight may be needed to not only protect yourself but other drivers. Law enforcement professionals will keep you protected.
  • Seek Medical Care if Needed – Even if injuries are not abrupt, symptoms may not occur until a week or two after the collision. Medical professionals may perform preventative measures to ensure your health and wellbeing. 
  • Exchange information with witnesses – Our attorneys also recommend exchanging contact information with witnesses who may have seen your collision. 
  • Notify your insurance company as soon as possible – Many auto insurers require full cooperation in exchange for their coverage. Part of this full cooperation includes immediate and accurate reporting.

If your collision caused additional damage to property such as a fire, water leaks, or broken glass, contact our staff today. 

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