2020 Hurricane Sally Strikes Alabama

In 2020, Hurricane Sally devastated multiple states, including Alabama’s coastal area. The hurricane reached winds up to 105 miles per hour, with particularly high winds in Fort Morgan, Alabama, near the shore that experienced winds up to 121 miles per hour. Hundreds of people were left with catastrophic flooding in their homes and living spaces, leaving significant damage to their livelihood that would take years to rebuild. 

Thousands of Insurance Claims

Following the hurricane, thousands of individuals filed claims within a week of the storm. Many claims surrounded lost or partially damaged roofing that came off during the high winds. 

In Alabama, insurance providers are required to follow a set of standards regarding insurance claims. Firstly, insurance providers are required to notify people that file a claim of the status of their claim within 30 days, or within the amount of time outlined by their claim if it differs from that 30-day rule. If no decision is reached in that 30-day period, the provider must notify the claimant to let them know they need an extension on time to make a decision. Additionally, 45 days after initial notification of extension, the provider must send continuous notifications every 45 days if extensions need to continue.

Once a provider has come to a decision, they are required to notify the claimant of a denial of coverage verbally, in writing, or electronically. It has to be clear in this notification that there is a denial of coverage and the reasoning behind the denial. If a provider accepts a claim, they are required to disburse the coverage payment within 30 days of notification.

Alabama insurance lawyers have a deep understanding of the laws associated with first party insurance claims in the state of Alabama, and can help you understand what is required of your provider after filing a claim.

Issues Following Filing a Claim

Though there are specific laws and provisions insurance providers are required to follow for all insurance claims, not all claims are treated equally. Sometimes, insurance companies will delay notification of coverage or denial, or refuse to disburse claim money following an accepted claim.

This process can be difficult and stressful for anyone filing a claim following a catastrophic event. When you have enough to deal with from storm damage to your home, the last thing you want to worry about is whether or not you will get the money you deserve to help you recover. After continuously paying your insurance premiums month by month, you want to be confident in your coverage.

An insurance lawyer can support you throughout this difficult process and work with you to recover the money you rightfully deserve. The law offices of Michael M. Raheb, P.A., have expert insurance attorneys available to assist you with communications to your insurance provider to ensure you are treated fairly, and the appropriate laws are followed throughout the process. If you are experiencing issues with a recent insurance claim, contact an insurance lawyer immediately to assist you in getting what you need to address damage to your home and life.