Alaska Storm Leaves Many Powerless for Days

In December 2020, Southeast Alaska experienced significant storm disasters that damaged a large part of the area. A combination of strong winds, rain and snow caused winds up to 112 miles per hour, causing power outages across various towns. Throughout the day, the storm caused multiple floods, landslides, and mudslides that ravaged through homes and businesses, and caused the death of two individuals.

Due to the massive amounts of snow in the state during the wintertime, the heightened snowfall during the storm caused worry for avalanches. Some homes were affected by avalanches throughout the storm, leading to significant damage to roofing and other parts of their home and property.

Following the storm’s damage, hundreds of people filed for insurance coverage to assist in rebuilding and replacing destroyed homes and property.

Alaska Administrative Code

In the state of Alaska, first-party insurance claims are regulated under the Alaska Administrative Code. This standard requires insurance providers to be prompt in their inspection and response to insurance claims, with a 30-day limit to complete the claim investigation process. Additionally, insurance providers must give identification to the claimant regarding who is handling the claim and their contact information, and are required to respond to any extra communications from a claimant within 15 days of receipt. This is to ensure claimants are receiving prompt, appropriate response to their claims and any serious questions or concerns they have throughout the process.

If the provider needs more time regarding the claim investigation, they are required to give written notification within 45 days to inform the claimant of this decision. If the claim is denied, the provider must provide a reasonable explanation of why it was denied in the required timeframe. Claims that are accepted are required to be paid out within 30 days of the date it is accepted in cash, electronic transfer or a prepaid card.

First-Party Insurance Lawsuits

There are some instances where insurance providers may not follow the Alaska Administrative Code during an insurance claims process. This can leave claimants feeling lost and alone, without direction as to what to do next to ensure they get the money they need.

If you have been paying your monthly premiums in good faith to your insurance provider, you deserve to be treated with fairness throughout a reasonable claims process. If you are experiencing hardship during this time, an insurance lawyer will be able to help you.

Working with an insurance attorney, they will be able to assist you in ensuring your claim is taken seriously, and you receive the timely and fair pay you deserve. The law offices of Michael M. Raheb, P.A., have Alaska insurance lawyers available with extensive knowledge of Alaska first party insurance law, and can support you throughout your claim dispute process. These insurance lawyers are experts in this field, and will assist you in lawsuits related to wrongful claim denials. If you are experiencing trouble with your insurance filing process, consider speaking with an insurance lawyer today.