As many as 30 homes were severely damaged as a result of an uncontrollable wildfire that ravaged through Bagdad, Arizona in May of 2021. The town of Bagdad and surrounding areas were immediately evacuated following news of the wildfires, causing over 2,000 people to leave their homes and seek shelter. Due to the incredible high heat in the state at this time, wildfires are particularly common and can grow out of control in a small amount of time. It is suspected that this fire was started by road work along a local highway, but was not confirmed. The drought conditions in May and June make Arizona susceptible to wildfires especially during this time of the year.

Wildfire Insurance

Due to the heightened dry and hot conditions in western states like Arizona, home insurance that covers wildfire damage is often available to individuals to cover their homes and property should they experience a wildfire in their area. 

Should an individual experience damage to their home following a wildfire, they will be required to submit a first-party claim to be eligible for coverage. If the cause of the wildfire is known, a third-party claim can be submitted, including if a company starts a fire. Otherwise, a first-party claim will be required. 

It is recommended to keep extensive tract of fire damage to your property to support your claim before submitting. This includes photos of your home and the damage caused by the wildfire, but also receipts of your living expenses like food and rent, as well as keeping damaged property to ensure coverage for everything that was affected. This will help to ensure your insurance provider understands the full extent of property that was damaged or destroyed following the wildfire, and will support the validity of your claim.

Additionally, you will want to keep track of all conversations and communications you have with your insurance provider throughout your claim process. This includes a record of any emails, text messages, and other forms of communication you may be exchanging with your company or agent as you move forward in your claims process. This is especially helpful should you need to dispute how a claim was handled in the future. An insurance lawyer can help you collect these records accordingly to help make a case should you need representation in a claim.

Wildlife Insurance Lawsuits

After you’ve collected extensive details of your property damage following a wildfire, you want to have confidence in your insurance providers and their actions following your claim. The reality is, however, some insurance claim processes do not go how we expect them to.

If you have submitted a claim following a wildfire incident, and are not receiving the fair treatment or coverage you deserve, you will want to contact an insurance attorney immediately. The law offices of Michael M. Raheb, P.A., have Arizona insurance lawyers available to assist you in this difficult process and use your evidence in your favor following a case. These insurance lawyers are experts in Arizona insurance law, and will help you fight claims filed in bad faith.