In August of 2020, a bout of wildfires were speculated to have been started following intense thunderstorms in the middle of the month. These ongoing wildfires caused the President of the United States to declare a major disaster declaration due to the severity of the ongoing fires. These wildfires got worse in September of 2020, where parts of California experienced a particularly serious spread of wildfire that ravaged many neighborhoods and areas of the state. Due to a combination of record-breaking heat and strong winds, the wildfires raged out of control, resulting in record-breaking sizes.

Wildfire Damage

Throughout early September, the wildfire continued, causing exponential damage to surrounding communities in Northern California, covering over four million acres throughout 2020, and destroying over 10,000 buildings in the process. The wildfires were suspected to have been a result of the aftermath of Tropical Storm Fausto. All the brush that had fallen during the storm was starting to dry out in the high heat, making for the ideal conditions to start a serious wildfire.

Insurance Coverage for Wildfires

In areas where wildfires are common, including the state of California, insurance coverage for wildfires can come at a significant monthly premium cost. Because of how often wildfires take place in dry and hot states, and how quickly they cause serious damage, insurance providers hold coverage at a high premium with large deductibles. 

Coverage for wildfire damage is typically included as part of a larger homeowners insurance package. Different types of coverage will account for various things that could get lost in the fire – some insurance plans cover damage to the structure of your home and surrounding property, while others will cover furniture and other expenses. If you have experienced wildfire damage to your home, and are looking to get coverage from your insurance following the incident, be sure to review what all is covered in your plan so you know what to expect.

Though your plan may cover wildfire damage, you may still experience difficulty getting paid out for your wildfire damage claim. Many insurance companies make it hard to get the money you deserve to rebuild your home. If you have filed a claim, and believe your insurance provider is treating you unlawfully, be sure to contact an insurance lawyer immediately.

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If you are dealing with a more difficult claims process, consider working with an insurance lawyer immediately to assist in filing your claim. They understand the urgency behind getting a claim to your provider as soon as possible – here, they can help you get the coverage you need earlier to begin rebuilding after a disaster.