Among many things, Florida is known for its unpredictable weather. One of the states most affected by hurricane seasons, Floridians everywhere are no stranger to the high rain and strong winds that come with these storms. Tropical storms and other inclement weather is common for the state, and often takes place several times a year.

In the most severe cases, inclement weather and storms can cause significant damage to many individuals throughout the state. These storms can cause Florida natives to ensure long-term damage and destruction to their homes. Damage caused by wind and rain can take years to repair, and a lot of money as well.

Florida Insurance Law

Because of the frequency of bad storms in Florida, many homeowners have insurance coverage to support them should these storms cause damage to their home.

In 2021, however, the state of Florida passed a new property insurance legislation that does not allow insurance companies to provide lower rates. Additionally, it encourages insurance companies to delay claims processes and even underpay, making it far more difficult to get the coverage you need following a storm. Though not outright intended to make things more difficult for homeowners and insurance policyholders, these new legislations have made it significantly harder to have claims taken seriously.

Policyholders may experience difficulties with their insurance providers following a claims process. This may range from encounters where insurance providers do not respond to claims in a long period of time, do not provide reasonable explanation for denied claims, or refuse to pay out in full for a claim, or even at all.

This new legislation makes it difficult to come after insurance agencies who engage in this level of bad faith insurance activities. However, there is still hope to get the justice you need. Insurance lawyers understand what is expected from the law regarding insurance providers, and can help you make a case should you not get the coverage you deserve. Additionally, they can help you in instances where you may not see eye to eye with your provider. Consider working with an insurance lawyer to support you in filing a claim.

Insurance attorneys are experienced with insurance law to help you in these situations. The law offices of Michael M. Raheb, P.A., have expert Florida insurance lawyers available to support you throughout the process. Their insurance lawyers will advocate on your behalf to get the money you deserve to help you rebuild your home and property.

For more difficult claims, insurance lawyers can help you file to ensure you are meeting your provider’s requirements and filing for coverage included in your insurance contract. Larger or more complicated claims can be tough to file, but an insurance lawyer can help you to ensure your claim is legitimate for expedient processing.