In August of 2020, a multi-state derecho hit Iowa and other midwestern states, and caused significant damage throughout the state that would take months to rebuild. One of the most expensive storms in the state’s history, it resulted in over $7.5 billion in damages. Multiple homes in Iowa experienced significant damage from strong winds and rainfall, resulting in exterior and interior destruction across many areas in the state. Many homes lost power for long periods of time along with other significant damage in various areas.

Submitting a Claim Following a Storm

The Iowa state government recommends homeowners take certain actions immediately following a storm. Once you are able to safely return to your damaged home, they recommend you immediately take stock of what was destroyed as a result of the storm. This includes photos of the damage, and inventory of your personal belongings, and anything else that was ruined following the storm. An insurance adjuster will be able to determine the monetary damage that was done through an inspection. 

From here, the adjuster will be able to determine the amount of coverage you are eligible under your insurance policy. This should be an accurate reflection of how much was lost as a result of the storm that is covered under your plan. Following you insurance company’s rules and regulations when it comes to assembling and submitting your claim is one of the best ways to get your money back as soon as possible, and avoid your claim being denied.

Unfair Claims Processing

You’ve submitted your claim with full details of the damage to your property, you’ve been in contact with your insurance agency, and you’ve been paying your monthly insurance coverage premium faithfully the entire time you’ve had coverage. But, your claim is ignored, or maybe even denied without good reason. Now what do you do?

Regardless of what you’ve done to maintain a strong standing with your insurance provider, and how well you’ve followed the instructions and regulations related to the claims submission process, some providers will not always hold up their end of the bargain. Given the details of your insurance contract, this is often against the law.

After enduring an unfair claims process, you can feel hopeless and lost. This is where an insurance lawyer should step in. Contacting an insurance attorney after this negative experience is the best way to ensure you get the coverage you deserve under your contract.

Bad faith insurance claims are punishable by law in the state of Iowa, given the insured person can show proof of an unfair denial or ignored claim. The law offices of Michael M. Raheb, P.A., have experienced Iowa insurance lawyers available to help support you through these legal proceedings as you work for the coverage you deserve. These insurance lawyers are there to help you when you need it most to help you rebuild your life after disaster strikes.