In May of 2021, multiple towns in Kansas were affected by a tornado that wrecked many homes and businesses in its wake. A multi-vortex tornado, the storm had winds up to 110 miles per hour, reaching a width of over half a mile long. The tornado affected many neighborhoods west of the state, resulting in damaged or even destroyed homes’ exteriors, as well as downed power lines and destroyed farm areas. Those in this part of Kansas experienced a few tornadoes every year, it was reported a tornado of this size and power was uncommon. 

Following the tornado passing, at least 10 homes were deemed to be uninhabitable, and hundreds were damaged. It was expected that it would take months to rebuild the damage made after the tornado had passed.

Tornado Valley Insurance Coverage

The state of Kansas is located in the middle of “Tornado Valley” – an area that spans multiple states where tornadoes are more likely to hit. Some tornadoes tend to be relatively harmless – they may cause little damage to surrounding areas, or dissipate quickly. Other tornadoes, though, can span miles long and ruin multiple neighborhoods and communities in a short amount of time. The high winds can uproot stable structures, leading to long-term damage that can take months, or even years, to rebuild.

Many homeowners insurance policies cover tornadoes and damage caused by them to homes and surrounding properties. However, providers and plans different when it comes to deductibles required to meet, what exactly is covered by the plan, and how much money you can receive in coverage following a claim submission.

If you are affected by a tornado, you will want to take action to file a claim immediately after understanding what all is covered by your insurance plan. From here, you will want to pay close attention to all communications with your provider and how they handle your claim.

Bad Faith Insurance Claims

Having a bad experience with your insurance provider can be a stressful situation that feels daunting. After you’ve filed an appropriate claim, you expect to get the money you need – when that does happen, you may begin to panic.

In the state of Kansas, first-party bad faith insurance claims are not legal – only third-party can be taken to court for bad faith claims. Because of this, you will need to take alternate routes to take legal action against your insurance provider. Insurance lawyers understand what is possible under Kansas law, and can help you with any legal proceedings. These insurance attorneys can help you file legal action related to your insurance contract, allowing you to fight for the money you deserve.

The law offices of Michael M. Raheb, P.A., have experienced Kansas insurance lawyers available who understand what is possible under Kansas law related to bad faith insurance claims. You can rest assured their insurance lawyers will advocate effectively on your behalf regarding your insurance claims.