In June 2021, Tropical Storm Claudette hit multiple southern states, resulting in astronomical damage to multiple towns and communities. The storm started in the Gulf of Mexico, gaining strength as it swept through the area, picking up as it moved west towards the states and eventually hitting Louisiana. With heavy rain and incredibly high winds, the storm ravaged multiple neighborhoods and towns in the state, releasing around 15 inches of rain as it moved along.

The storm managed a significant amount of damage: hundreds of homes and buildings were affected, with flooding and exterior damage to structures. Due to the severe backlash of the storm, at least 14 people were killed from drowning or fallen trees while it was at its height.

Hurricane Insurance Deductibles

As Louisiana is a state that commonly faces tropical storms and hurricanes, getting coverage for damage can be difficult. For many insurance companies, those who hold a policy must first surpass a high deductible before they can receive coverage to repair any damages to their property. These deductibles can be anywhere between 2% to 5% of their overall property value, resulting in tens of thousands of dollars to pay before receiving insurance money. This can leave many in a difficult position to be able to fix their property.

Because of the high deductibles, many people opt out of applying for insurance coverage following a tropical storm or hurricane. Beyond this, though, many insurance agencies make it difficult to get the money you deserve in your insurance coverage, even after you’ve paid a deductible.

Bad Faith Insurance Claims Following Tropical Storms

Sometimes, insurance providers will not treat your claim fairly, resulting in a difficult situation to get the money you deserve.

In the state of Louisiana, insurance providers are required to respond to claims in an appropriate amount of time, and give reasonable notice should they need an extended period of time to decide on how to proceed with a claim. Additionally, providers are required to offer an appropriate, clear explanation of denied claims, and pay out accepted claims in a specific timeline. Providers are legally obligated to follow these laws in place for claims proceedings – any provider that fails to do so can be considered to be working in bad faith.

Insurance lawyers are familiar with these instances, and know how to proceed to support you in getting the coverage you need. Insurance attorneys understand what the legal expectations are for insurance companies as they proceed with valid, accurate claims filed.

The law offices of Michael M. Raheb, P.A., have expert Louisiana insurance lawyers available to assist you in pursuing legal action following a bad faith insurance claim. These insurance lawyers will work on your behalf to fight for what you deserve, allowing you to return to rebuilding your life quicker.

We understand some claims are difficult to process, or your insurance provider may not be easy to deal with. For more detailed or expensive claims, consider working with our insurance lawyers to help you file and get the support you need sooner.