In 2018, Winter Storm Grayson hit much of New England, affecting multiple northeastern states as it moved through. Throughout the storm, over a foot of snow accumulated in Massachusetts, leaving many stranded in their homes. Whiteout conditions affected much of the shore areas in the state, with wind gusts up to 60 miles per hour combined with the high amount of snow. The high winds and heavy snow accumulated resulted in multiple homes and businesses experiencing winter storm damage, including downed power lines and trees as well as damaged roofing and siding. Beyond this, the high amount of precipitation affected the Boston Harbor, filling up the harbor and causing flooding in surrounding neighborhoods. 

Winter Storm Insurance Coverage

Strong winter storms are not uncommon in the state of Massachusetts – throughout the colder months, Massachusetts residents are prepared for multiple storms to hit. Some storms cause severe damage, though, which can take a lot of time and lots of money to repair. 

Most homeowners insurance policies cover some damage related to winter storms. These plans cover damage related to fallen trees or other objects, damage caused by wind or wind-driven rain and collapsed roofs and other structures as a result of heavy snow. Less typical coverage for standard plans may include damage caused by burst pipes. Most insurance plans do not cover most instances of water damage. Flooding and other storm-related water damage is typically required to be covered by specific flood insurance, which is offered through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).

When a winter storm hits your home and causes damage, you will want to take action immediately to document the impact. Submitting a claim as soon as possible will help you get the coverage you need to rebuild quickly so you can get back to normal sooner.

Bad Faith Insurance Claims

Even after submitting your claim properly and maintaining regular, on-time payments with your insurance provider, there are still instances where things don’t go as planned.

Some insurance agencies will attempt to ignore claims or refuse to accept claims with no communication explaining their reasoning. This can be an incredibly frustrating experience, especially after enduring damage to your home following a winter storm. It may feel as though there is nowhere else to turn.

Under Massachusetts law, an insurance provider is acting in bad faith when they refuse to give reason for a claims denial, do not respond to claims in a specified amount of time, or other breaches of contract. Bad faith insurance claims may be punishable by law, however it is difficult to identify when an insurance provider is acting unlawfully.

An insurance lawyer will help you understand where your provider may be engaging in a bad faith insurance claim situation. They will be able to identify breaches of contract or actions against the rules and regulations related to insurance claim management.

If you are experiencing a bad situation with your insurance provider, consider reaching out to an insurance attorney as soon as possible. The law offices of Michael M. Raheb, P.A., have expert Massachusetts insurance lawyers available to help you through this difficult process. Their insurance lawyers are equipped with the knowledge and experience to support you and advocate on your behalf for the coverage you need to rebuild after a storm.