Surrounded by water in multiple areas, the state of Michigan is often susceptible to plenty of storms, including hurricanes and tropical storms. Due to plenty of bodies of water located throughout the state, storm-related damage is quite common. Many homes are impacted by different storms that move through the state, which most often cause wind and water damage. During the colder months, snow and hail is common, causing issues inside and outside homes. These various home issues can require plenty of time and money to repair and get your home back to normal.

Michigan Storm Insurance Coverage

The Michigan Department of Insurance and Financial Services recommends homeowners review their insurance policies ahead of storm seasons to understand the details of their coverage. Many homeowners insurance policies cover different types of damage often caused by various storms throughout the year.

Many policies cover homeowners for wind-related damage that includes fallen trees, downed power lines, and exterior damage on homes. However, for flooding and most water-related damages, homeowners are required to hold a separate insurance policy.

For damages covered by your homeowners insurance policy, it is recommended to submit a claim as soon as possible. Once you are in a safe situation where you can submit a claim, you will want to include photos of all damage caused, and any other expense-reporting measures to detail what has been lost or destroyed as a result of the storm. 

Bad Faith Insurance Claims In Michigan

Even after you’ve submitted a claim in full for damage covered by your insurance policy, your insurance agency may not treat your claim with fairness.

Insurance providers that do not follow the laws regarding insurance claims are considered to be acting in bad faith. The state of Michigan defines a bad faith as “arbitrary, reckless, indifferent, or intentional actions or disregarding of the interests of the person owed a duty”. Typically, it is easiest to identify an insurance provider acting in bad faith when they act against the contract of their insurance policy with a policyholder. This may include ignoring a claims submission, refusing to give reason for a claims denial, and many other unlawful actions related to claims submissions from policyholders.

Insurance agencies that act in bad faith may be sued by the policyholder in question. Insurance lawyers understand what constitutes bad faith as it relates to insurance policies, and can support a lawsuit following a bad faith insurance claim. These insurance attorneys understand what is expected of insurance companies by law, and can interpret contracts to identify unlawful actions.

The law offices of Michael M. Raheb, P.A., have experienced Michigan insurance lawyers that can support you in the event you experience a bad faith claim. Their expert insurance lawyers are available to help you through any legal proceedings related to your claims submission to help you get the coverage you deserve.