In the state of Minnesota, inclement weather is not an uncommon thing. In many areas throughout the state, difficult weather comes and goes, including major snow storms, hail, and heavy winds or rains that ravage the state. When storm conditions are particularly bad, there may be lasting impacts on homes and properties that require tons of time and money to fix. Following these severe storms, many people are left with significant damage to their homes, and in the worst situations are displaced without a safe and inhabitable place to live.

Minnesota Homeowners Insurance

Due to the frequency of inclement weather and severe storms, many homeowners in Minnesota have coverage to help them rebuild should disaster strike their property. The Minnesota Commerce Department, which regulates insurance coverage in the state, states most homeowners insurance policies cover many damages often caused by severe weather. This includes fallen trees or downed power lines, damage to homes or cars as a result of high winds, damage from snow or hail, and other weather-related destruction.

When a storm causes damage to your home, you are required to file a claim to inform your insurance provider of any damage done to your home. Here, an insurance adjuster will come to your home to inspect what has been destroyed as a result to evaluate losses. Here, you will be eligible for coverage to begin rebuilding your home and property.

Bad Faith Insurance Claims

While in many cases you may have a smooth experience with your insurance provider following a claims submission, there are many instances where this has not been peoples’ experience. Many who have submitted valid claims to their insurance provider asking for coverage outlined in their insurance policy have been denied without reason, or even outright ignored by their provider. 

These instances are considered bad faith insurance claims, and can be punished by law. In 2008, the state of Minnesota enacted a bad-faith statute that penalizes insurance companies for unreasonable claim denials and other poor, unlawful handlings of insurance claims.

Though it may seem clear when a bad faith insurance claim occurs, when you are experiencing it first-hand, it may be difficult to identify. If you feel you are being treated unfairly by your insurance company and suspect they are acting unlawfully, you will want to contact an insurance lawyer immediately. An insurance attorney has the experience and expertise to identify when an insurance provider is acting unlawfully.

The law offices of Michael M. Raheb, P.A., have Minnesota insurance lawyers available to help you through this process as you navigate a bad faith insurance claims lawsuit. These insurance lawyers will support you throughout legal proceedings to help you get the coverage you need.