Early in summer of 2021, multiple towns in Mississippi experienced a severe flood that damaged much of the surrounding neighborhoods and businesses. Over the course of three days, nearly 20 inches of rain fell, causing flooding that eventually entered multiple people’s homes. The water was found to have caused severe damage to many first floors of homes, destroyed cars and surrounding property, and was indicated to have damaged many farm areas in addition to the suburban wreckage. Due to the sudden onset of the flood, and rainfall lasting over the course of multiple days, boats were sent out to rescue those who remained in their home throughout the storm and were unable to get out of them.

Flood Insurance Coverage

Though many different types of property damage are covered under insurance policies, flood damage insurance coverage must typically be purchased as a standalone plan. While some insurance providers may offer flood coverage endorsements to some plans, it is more likely you will need separate coverage to prepare for a potential flood in the future.

While some flood damage is covered by government assistance, there are very few cases where a particular flood qualifies, and those affected will receive any funds from the government to cover damaged property. Once a flood hits your state, only when it has been considered a state of emergency by the President of the United States will it be eligible for coverage by the federal government. If a flood has been declared a state of emergency, the government will give a $5,000 loan, which those who receive will be expected to pay back. In most cases, you are better off getting flood coverage if you live in an area that experiences flooding relatively often.

Flood Damage Insurance Claims

If you experience a flood that damages your property, you will want to take the proper precautions to ensure you provide accurate and complete information to your insurance provider so as to qualify for coverage.

Appropriate logging of your property damage, payments and receipts you have from your cost of living expenses, and a consistent communication log of your conversations with your insurance agency are all extremely helpful in ensuring you get the coverage you need. 

Sometimes, however, while you have done everything in your power to provide the proper documentation, your insurance agency may not provide you with the care and coverage you need following a storm. There are instances where insurance providers will not fully look into a claim filed, or provide unclear and even no communication regarding claims processes and potential difficulties. This can be incredibly frustrating following a significant storm that has created massive issues on your property.

If you are experiencing difficulties with your insurance provider following a first-party claim, and you feel you are being treated unlawfully, consider contacting an insurance attorney immediately to help. Insurance lawyers are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to represent you through any legal proceedings regarding your insurance claim application. The law offices of Michael M. Raheb, P.A., have expert insurance lawyers that understand what is required from providers throughout the claims process, and can represent you should you need to take legal action. They have experienced Mississippi insurance lawyers available that know the state’s laws surrounding insurance claims, and are there to help you when you need it most.