Snow storms and other severe weather is common in Montana – especially during the winter months, high winds and plenty of precipitation is highly frequent. Most times, these storms come on rather suddenly, giving people little to no time to prepare their homes from the damage they may cause. Specifically hail storms can cause high amounts of damage, often destroying parts of homes, cars and other personal property that can be expensive to repair. 

Repairing After a Hail Storm

Before a hail storm, you will want to ensure your insurance plan covers you for damage related to severe weather. Most homeowners insurance plans cover these types of damages, and will help you repair your home following a severe storm.

Once you are able, you will want to document any damage to your home before cleaning and removing anything through photos to share with your insurance provider. As you assemble your claim, this is a key piece to give your insurance agency an understanding of what all was destroyed as a result of the storm. 

Bad Faith Insurance Claims in Montana

Sometimes, even when you submit an appropriate claim for coverage included in your insurance plan, your insurance provider may not act in good faith.

Bad faith insurance claims include insurance providers that act unlawfully when handling an insurance claim. Under the Montana Insurance Bad Faith Law, insurance companies are required to act in good faith, settling any claim submitted that is legitimate and where liability is clear. Though insurance companies are allowed to deny insurance claims, they must provide a reasonable explanation for their decision and follow the constraints of your insurance contract.

If an insurance company treats you unlawfully, you may be able to take legal action for acting in bad faith. Here, contacting an insurance lawyer is the best way to ensure you get the coverage you need following legal actions. Insurance lawyers understand what is required by insurance companies under the bad faith laws, and can assist you as you move through legal proceedings.

The law offices of Michael M. Raheb, P.A., have expert Montana insurance lawyers available to help you through this legal process. Their team of expert insurance attorneys have the experience and expertise necessary to handle bad faith insurance cases to help you get the coverage you deserve.