In June of 2014, the state of Nebraska experienced a tornado outbreak, resulting in several tornadoes over the course of three days. Multiple tornadoes tore through various towns and communities in the state, causing various degrees of damage throughout this time. Some areas that were more affected by the tornado outbreaks experienced destroyed homes and businesses that took a lot of time and money to rebuild. 

Tornado Insurance Coverage

Nebraska experiences tornadoes throughout the year, which can result in significant damage to homes and other personal property. The high winds and significant size of some tornadoes can uproot many strong structures, destroying communities and neighborhoods in a matter of minutes during the most severe tornadoes.

Understanding the devastation tornadoes can cause, it is important to ensure your homeowners insurance has tornado coverage in the event of an emergency. Repairing after a tornado can be incredibly costly and take months. With insurance coverage, you can receive money to help work on your rebuilding efforts, allowing you to get back to normal life easier.

When a tornado affects your place of living, after you’ve confirmed you are safe, you will want to document any and all damage as soon as possible. Photos of both exterior and interior damage, as well as any documentation of your expenses and other property damaged by tornadoes are required to be submitted along with your insurance claim. The more detail you include, the easier it will be to process your claim. Additionally, you will want to keep a close record of all communications conducted with your insurance policy provider.

Bad Faith Insurance Claims

Even when a claim was submitted appropriately and accurately, and the insured person is in good standing with their insurance company, they may still experience difficulty with their insurance coverage.

If an insurance company fails to honor your contract, including treating your claim unfairly and unlawfully, it can be punishable by law as a bad faith insurance claim. If you are having this level of difficulty with an insurance claim, you will want to contact an insurance lawyer immediately to determine if you have a case for a bad faith claim.

Understanding your insurance contract in full can be tricky – this is why it is best to contact an insurance attorney if you feel your provider is treating your claim illegally. These insurance lawyers will be able to determine if your provider is acting in bad faith, and how to proceed with legal action going forward. The law offices of Michael M. Raheb, P.A., have expert Nebraska insurance lawyers available to help you with any legal proceedings following a bad faith claim. They will advocate on your behalf to work towards getting you the money you expect from your insurance plan to help you rebuild after a disaster damages or destroys your home.