In 2020, wildfires ravaged through many of the western states, including Nevada. Many areas throughout the states were deeply affected by these wildfires, which were exacerbated by high winds and record-breaking heat that caused the wildfires to perpetuate for weeks. These wildfires have caused extensive damage to surrounding areas, not just limited to the various forests and trees – many homes and businesses were destroyed by the raging fires. Damages caused by wildfires can take months and even years to fully rebuild, leaving many people displaced and without an inhabitable home.

Insurance Claims Following Nevada Wildfires

Following the extensive damage caused by wildfires, many individuals whose homes and businesses were affected go to file an insurance claim to get coverage to rebuild.

Outlined by the Nevada Division of Insurance, most homeowners insurance policies cover a range of issues caused by severe weather and natural disasters. This includes damages related to wildfires.

For areas that are particularly susceptible to wildfires, you will want to ensure your insurance coverage takes care of damages caused by wildfires. Be sure to understand what all is covered under your plan, and the best way to submit a claim.

You will want to have a full inventory of your home through documentation, so if and when disaster strikes, you are able to accurately submit a claim for everything affected. If a wildfire hits, you will want to file a claim as soon as you can ensure your safety. Before taking any effort to clean up the damage to your home, or move anything around, you need to take extensive photos of the damage to submit as a part of your claim. 

When Insurance Claims Go Wrong

In the state of Nevada, insurance providers have a duty to defend their policyholders and take claims seriously. This includes investigation of any legitimate claim in good faith, pay claims when the policyholder experiences a covered risk, conduct a fair investigation of a claim, and handle it with good faith to settle claims. 

Sometimes, even when you’ve submitted an appropriate, legitimate claim for coverage clearly identified in your insurance contract, your insurance company may not act in good faith. In Nevada, should an insurance company fail to meet these good faith standards, policyholders can seek legal action.

If you are suffering as a result of an insurance claim handled in bad faith, contact an insurance lawyer immediately. They will help you through the legal proceedings following a bad faith claim, and support you to get the coverage you need.

The law offices of Michael M. Raheb, P.A., have Nevada insurance lawyers available to help you through these difficult times. Their insurance attorneys have the knowledge and expertise to represent you effectively. These insurance lawyers will help you get the coverage you deserve to rebuild your life after a disaster.