New Mexico experiences a range of weather throughout the year, with high temperatures during the spring and summer months, as well as plenty of wind and rainstorms that bring a significant amount of precipitation to the state. With beautiful landscapes and lots of rich environments, New Mexico has plenty of changing weather and storms that affect many areas throughout the state.

New Mexico Homeowners Insurance Coverage

Sometimes, a severe storm can cause significant issues in the state of New Mexico. Though many who live across the state are reasonably prepared for severe weather, there are still instances where storms bring unexpected challenges and record-breaking severity, causing damage throughout the state. Homes and businesses are often most affected by extremely inclement weather, and it often takes months to rebuild as well as tons of money.

Understanding this, insurance providers offer plenty of customizable homeowners insurance policies to help prepare for severe weather situations. This includes coverage related to wind damage, hurricanes, tropical storms and more. 

Depending on your insurance provider and coverage plan, you may be eligible for different deductibles and specific coverage availability.

Bad Faith Insurance Claims in New Mexico

Regardless of the details of our unique homeowners insurance plans, we expect our insurance provider to take care of us when we need it.

That’s why it can be especially frustrating and stressful when your insurance company does not act in good faith following a submitted insurance claim. When you submit a legitimate claim, you anticipate your insurance provider responding to you as soon as possible with the payment you need to rebuild after damage to your home.

However, this is not always the case. Sometimes, insurance providers act in bad faith. This includes claims that are denied without reasonable explanation, are ignored, or are not paid out in full or at all following an accepted claim. In New Mexico, insurance companies are strictly regulated under insurance law, and acting in bad faith is considered illegal. But it can still be easy for providers to act in bad faith by manipulating their actions in an unethical way that discourage policyholders from pursuing the money they deserve.

If you experience this type of hardship with your insurance provider, you will want to contact an insurance lawyer immediately. Insurance lawyers have the ability to follow up with insurance agencies acting in bad faith and support you through legal proceedings. The law offices of Michael M. Raheb, P.A., have New Mexico insurance lawyers available to help in these situations and represent you. Their teams of insurance attorneys will advocate on your behalf to get the coverage you need.