Throughout the large state of New York, severe weather is a relatively common experience. WIth heavy rains and high winds, hurricanes and tropical storms often move throughout New York, affecting many different towns and cities in their path. Especially during hurricane seasons, there can be lots of damage inflicted as a result of the storm.

These heavy storms can make for a difficult experience for many New Yorkers. Enduring hurricanes and tropical storms can be tough – the rough conditions of these storms often come at a detriment to many. Following storms, it is typical for plenty of damage to be left in their wake, including damaged or destroyed homes and businesses. Rebuilding after these experiences can cost lots of time and money to get back to normal.

Hurricane and Storm Insurance in New York

Due to the frequency of storms and the destruction they commonly cause, most homeowners insurance policies in the state of New York. Following Hurricane Andrew in 1992, most insurance companies began to offer this type of coverage given that more and more severe storms continued to hit the state. 

Now, homeowners insurance policies typically cover damage related to windstorms. For hurricanes, there is often a separate insurance deductible that must be met for damages following these types of storms. Often, these deductibles are anywhere between one and 5 percent of the home or building’s value. 

Once a storm hits and damages your home, you are required to first meet your insurance deductible before being eligible for coverage. Depending on the type of storm, you may be required to meet a different deductible. From here, you are able to apply for coverage through an insurance claim. Submitting a legitimate claim requires you to give details related to what was affected as a result of the storm, and all your property that was damaged or destroyed as a result.

When Insurance Coverage Doesn’t Go As Planned

Even when you’ve submitted a proper claim, you may not get the treatment you deserve from your insurance company. Sometimes, claims will be denied with no reason, or ignored altogether. These are considered bad faith insurance claims.

Unlike many other states in the country, New York does not recognize a bad faith cause of action following bad faith actions on the part of the insurer. However, if you experience this situation with your insurance provider, there are still options available. In New York, policyholders who have this experience are able to file a complaint with the New York State Department of Financial Services, which can launch a lawsuit. An insurance lawyer can assist you with this complaint process.

Insurance attorneys understand what is expected from insurance companies as it relates to claims processes. They will be able to support you through legal proceedings related to actions from your insurance company done in bad faith. 

The law offices of Micahel M. Raheb, P.A., have a team of New York insurance lawyers available to represent you through this difficult process. Their insurance lawyers will advocate on your behalf to ensure you get the coverage you need.