North Dakota experiences plenty of snow and winter storms every year, with each bringing their own unique set of challenges. The more severe storms with winter conditions often cause damage over multiple areas. Heavy snow and ice often cause structures to cave in, or siding to come loose or come off completely. Additionally, high winds and hail can significantly damage or destroy glass and other substances, ruining homes and automobiles alike.

Winter Weather Insurance Coverage

In North Dakota, most homeowners have insurance coverage to prepare for these unexpected damages to their homes following winter storms and inclement weather. Most insurance plans cover multiple types of damage following these types of storms, including damage from wind, heavy rain, fallen trees or downed power lines, structural collapses, and much more.

It is important here to note that damage caused by floods are not covered by homeowners insurance in North Dakota, nor in any other states. Additionally, water damage from a storm on the interior of a home that was not caused by a fallen roof or wall is not typically covered by homeowners insurance either. Some insurance companies, though very few, offer a separate type of coverage dedicated solely to flooding and water-related damages. Most often, though, homeowners get coverage for these types of damages through insurance policies provided by the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). 

When Insurance Claims Don’t Go as Expected

In North Dakota and every other state, insurance providers are legally required to act in good faith when handling policyholder claims. Recognized by the North Dakota Supreme Court, homeowners are legally required to have a homeowners insurance policy. Given the obligation to hold an insurance policy to protect your home, you expect your policy provider to act in good faith when a claim is submitted.

So, when an insurance provider unfairly denies a legitimate insurance claim, or refuses to pay out for coverage that is rightfully yours, it can be confusing and frustrating to say the least. These breaches of insurance contracts are considered acting in bad faith, which can leave providers liable to damages caused by these breaches. If you have a similar experience with your insurance provider and believe them to be acting in bad faith, contact an insurance attorney immediately.

The law offices of Michael M. Raheb, P.A., have expert North Dakota insurance lawyers to support policyholders with bad faith insurance claims issues. Their team of expert insurance lawyers understand the expectations insurance providers are bound to, and how to identify breaches of these contractual agreements that are illegal. Working with an experienced insurance lawyer, you will be able to advocate for the coverage you need to rebuild and repair your property after a storm hits.