The state of Ohio is privy to lots of windstorms, and sometimes hurricanes or tropical storms. Due to the flatter terrain throughout the state, windstorms and tornadoes can cause significant damage and last for long periods of time. No strangers to these occurrences, those who live in Ohio take lots of caution to prepare themselves and their properties for storms to minimize any damage caused. However, there are instances where more severe storms and inclement weather cause unexpected levels of damage that no one can prepare for, leaving many in situations where they are left to repair their property.

What is Covered by Homeowners Insurance?

After a hurricane, windstorm, or any other severe inclement weather or natural disaster, many people question what damage is covered by their insurance plan.

Before a storm hits, it is best to check with your insurance provider to find out what all is included in your plan, and in the event of various storms, what will be covered. Most homeowners insurance plans cover policyholders for damage caused by wind, including property damage from fallen trees or downed power lines, roofing or siding, and other exterior and interior damage to personal property. 

Understanding what is and is not covered by your insurance policy allows you to file a legitimate claim following a weather event that has caused damage to your home. This way, you are able to work towards getting the coverage you need as soon as possible to start rebuilding your property and fixing any issues.

Bad Faith Insurance Claims in Ohio

Following your filing an insurance claim for coverage, you want your insurance provider to respond with the necessary coverage outlined as part of your plan. Sometimes, though, this is not what always happens when it comes to dealing with insurance companies.

Instead, there are instances where providers will not respond to your claim in fairness – either refusing to payout for legitimate claims, or denying them outright with no reasonable explanation as to why. This can be incredibly frustrating and leave you feeling as though you have nowhere to turn.

If this has been your experience, contact an insurance lawyer immediately. Maintained by the Ohio Supreme Court, insurance companies are to act in good faith with policyholders and meet the expectations outlined in their contracts. If these laws are not met, the insurance provider can be punished by law. An insurance attorney can identify where your insurance provider has been acting unlawfully.

The law offices of Michael M. Raheb, P.A., have a team of expert Ohio insurance lawyers available to help you through these difficult times. Their experienced insurance lawyers will support you through legal proceedings to help you get the coverage you deserve.