In South Dakota, cold weather gets to be extreme from time to time. There have been many snow storms and severe winter weather throughout decades that have left inches of snow and thick ice covering many areas of the state. These serious winter weather conditions often cause significant damage to homes and properties across the state. 

Severe winter weather conditions often cause a large accumulation of snow and ice to fall over homes and cars. When snow and ice get particularly heavy, they can cause significant damage. Roofs may cave in as a result of snow, and ice can ruin automobiles, cause them to cease running, and leave them unfixable.

These damages can cost homeowners tons of money to repair and get their lives back to normal. This comes at a massive inconvenience, leaving them sometimes without cars or a habitable place to live for long periods of time.

Filing an Insurance Claim in South Dakota

Following these severe winter weather events, homeowners will want to file an insurance claim immediately with their provider to get the coverage they need. Most homeowners insurance providers offer plans that cover a range of damages caused by winter weather storms, making it easier to rebuild after these situations and get back to normal life sooner.

Filing a claim requires you to include extensive detail of what was affected and destroyed as a result of the storm. Photos, receipts, and other details help to form a strong claim that you can then send to your insurance provider. From here, an insurance adjuster will come to your home and take a look at the damage to assess what will be covered under the insurance policy.

While this is typically a standard process, there are instances where filing a claim may not go as planned. Depending on the details of your specific policy, it may be unclear in which situations you are able to receive coverage. Additionally, some insurance providers may try to scam policyholders out of getting the coverage they rightfully deserve due to finding loopholes in contracts and other ways to avoid paying coverage in full. 

To help you file your serious insurance claim, it makes sense to hire an insurance lawyer. They will be able to help you fill out a legitimate claim following your insurance policy requirements, ensuring you apply for the correct coverage and get the money you need. Having support when filing your claim, you will be able to ensure you can get begin repairing your home and replacing your property that has been damaged to get back to your normal life.

Hire an Attorney

Working with an insurance attorney will make the process of filing a claim and receiving coverage far easier. The law offices of Michael M. Raheb, P.A., have experienced South Dakota insurance lawyers available to assist you as you navigate these more difficult situations. Their insurance lawyers understand what is required by insurance providers and how to most accurately file a claim to get the coverage you need.