Tennessee has seen its fair share of storms and natural disasters, including tornadoes, windstorms, and other instances of severe weather. In the most serious storms, the state has experienced situations where many homes and businesses were deeply affected. These cases of severe weather often result in damages due to wind and rain, and in the worst cases, have even destroyed homes and other structures, leaving many people displaced.

Because of the risk of severe storms in the state of Tennessee, many homeowners have homeowners insurance to help them cover the potential damages that can be incurred from a storm. Homeowners insurance adds an extra layer of security, ensuring you are able to get coverage to rebuild your home and property after disaster strikes. 

What’s Covered

Homeowners insurance covers a range of issues that can arise following a storm. Damages incurred by strong wind, rain, and other severe weather are often covered by insurance policies. Should a tree fall on your home following a thunderstorm, or your roof cave in from strong winds, most insurance policies will cover these damages and many other types.

It is important to take a look at your insurance policy and gain a full understanding of what all is covered and any constraints around this coverage. For claims where it is difficult to identify whether or not your specific issue is covered by your insurance plan, you will want to contact an insurance lawyer to assist you.

When Claims Are Confusing

There are many reasons why you might want to work with an insurance attorney to file your claim. If you have had issues with your insurance provider in the past, you may not trust how your provider will handle your claim. Not being able to get the coverage you need following filing a claim can be a frustrating, discouraging experience.

The law offices of Michael M. Raheb, P.A., have expert Tennessee insurance lawyers that can help you in filing a claim and working with your insurance provider. What’s more, insurance attorneys can support you through whether or not your claim gets unfairly denied, or your provider does not respond to your claim. By law, providers are required to give a reasonable explanation for a denied claim, which can be followed up with an insurance lawyer if this does not happen.

Filing insurance claims and working with your insurance company can be a stressful, difficult process that includes a lot of details and considerations. For the more detailed or confusing claims processes, or when you are dealing with a more difficult provider, working with someone who understands insurance law is best. Consider consulting with an insurance attorney today should you experience these difficulties, or need assistance with a claim.