The New England area experiences tons of poor weather throughout the year. Heavy rain and high wind is not uncommon for the state, and in the winter months, snow storms and hail continuously hit multiple towns and cities. The people of Vermont are quite used to these common storms, however, sometimes the more severe instances can cause significant issues for many.

Specifically when bad windstorms or snowstorms hit Vermont, there is potential for lasting damage that can take months – and in worst cases, even years – to repair. Weather-related damage comes in many forms, and during the worst storms of the seasons, can cause issues that destroy homes and businesses alike.

This is why most people who own homes in Vermont, as well as across the country, have homeowners insurance to cover these potential instances of heavy damage. This helps to alleviate some of the financial responsibility and stress in these situations.

Coverage for Winter Storms

In the state of Vermont, winter storms cause a significant amount of damage that can make it difficult to rebuild and return back to normal. Most homeowners insurance policies protect against inclement weather damage, including damage caused by snow and ice. Accumulations of snow and ice on roofs may cause them to cave in, or high winds combined with winter storm conditions may cause lasting damage to homes’ exterior and sometimes even interior. 

Filing a claim for insurance coverage requires you to include complete details of all that was affected as a result of the storm. Filing a legitimate claim will help you get the coverage you need as soon as possible.

Bad Faith Insurance Claims

Even when you’ve submitted a legitimate insurance claim for coverage following a storm, your insurance company may not follow the proper claims processing protocol.

There are instances where insurance providers may not take your claims seriously – even if you’ve filed for coverage outlined in your insurance plan. In the state of Vermont, policyholders who submit claims may be punishable by law if they are unreasonably denied. Consider a bad faith insurance claim, these instances can be frustrating and stressful, and they often impede your ability to rebuild after a severe storm strikes.

If you are experiencing a bad faith claim, be sure to reach out to an insurance lawyer as soon as possible. Here, insurance lawyers will be able to identify if a provider is acting in bad faith, and how to proceed. Insurance attorneys understand what is expected from providers by law, and how to move forward with a case to ensure you get the coverage you deserve.

The law offices of Michael M. Raheb, P.A., have expert Vermont insurance lawyers available to support you through this process. They are experienced in Vermont insurance law, and are prepared to represent you as you navigate legal actions with your insurance provider. Their team understands that insurance claims processes are stressful on their own, especially when you are filing after a difficult storm experience. Working with an insurance lawyer to file your claim will help you to get the coverage you need sooner to return back to your normal life.