No matter where you’re located in the United States, there is always a chance of severe weather striking. The state of Virginia is no exception – it has had its fair share of inclement storms and weather ranging from hurricanes, tropical storms, heavy snow and hail, and more. 

Virginia is often affected by the Atlantic hurricane season, which typically hits many of the states along the eastern shoreline. For areas closer to the Atlantic, there is even more risk of severe storms hitting, which can often lead to lasting damage to homes and businesses alike. High winds and heavy rain often affect various structures, ruining roofing and siding, as well as causing other damages to homes and automobiles.

Preparing for Hurricane Season

Because of the frequency of hurricanes and tropical storms in the state of Virginia, there are many guidance materials to help homeowners and business owners alike to prepare for the Atlantic hurricane season. Beyond preparing homes for the storms to hit, the Virginia State Corporation Commission’s Bureau of Insurance has shared guidance to ensure homeowners can rebuild after a storm strikes.

Their recommendations include preparing an inventory of personal property, photos and videos of the interior and exterior of the home, and other tracking of your home before storms cause damage. This helps you make more accurate claims covering everything that may have been damaged following a severe storm. Here, your insurance provider will be able to provide the full coverage you need easier.

Bad Faith Insurance Claims in Virginia

Following a severe storm damaging or even destroying your property, you will want to get insurance coverage as quickly and seamlessly as possible. However, this is not always the case.

More often than most people expect, insurance providers will not act lawfully when it comes to handling insurance claims. Acting in what is considered bad faith, some insurance providers will refuse to settle claims that should be covered by an insurance plan, or deny claims without providing reasonable explanation. When this happens, in the state of Virginia, the affected insured person is not required to show fraud, deceit or dishonesty in court, but that the insurance provider did not act in good faith following the outlined contract. An insurance lawyer can help you determine these bad faith actions as compared to your contract.

The law offices of Michael M. Raheb, P.A., have Virginia insurance lawyers available to support you should you take legal action against your insurance provider. These insurance attorneys have the expertise to help you identify where your provider acted unlawfully, and how to proceed. Working with an insurance lawyer, you can work to get the coverage you need to begin rebuilding your home. 

Insurance lawyers understand the urgency behind filing insurance claims, and can help you to file your claim appropriately to ensure it is taken seriously. Doing so will help you to get the coverage you need sooner, and return to normal life.