In the midwest, there are plenty of storms and severe weather that frequent the states. Specifically tornadoes, windstorms, and snowstorms, Wisconsin has seen its fair share of inclement weather. Oftentimes, communities affected by even more severe storms are prepared – they often take measures to protect their homes and properties to prepare for a storm and ensure their home sustains as little damage as possible.

However, even when communities are prepared for a storm, there are instances where the most severe storms cause unexpected damage. There is no way to be prepared for anything, and sometimes, homeowners are taken off guard with the severity of a storm. In these instances, there are many homes that may sustain damage, and in the absolute worst cases, some homes and businesses may be destroyed by storms.

Homeowners Insurance in Wisconsin

In the state of Wisconsin, homeowners are not legally obligated to get homeowners insurance policies. However, it is highly recommended that those who own homes get coverage – this type of insurance can help protect against significant damages from storms and other severe weather. 

According to the Wisconsin Commissioner of Insurance, most homeowners insurance policies have coverage related to storm damages to assist in rebuilding efforts. Policies may vary from whether payout is in the form of reimbursement or actual cash value, how much of a deductible needs to be met, and what types of damages are covered. Be sure to review your homeowners insurance policy to determine what all is covered under your insurance.

This will be particularly helpful in the event you endure a severe storm and your home is affected. Filing a claim, you will want to ensure you are covered for the claim you are submitting to confirm you will get the payment you need to rebuild.

Bad Faith Insurance Claims

You’ve paid your monthly insurance premiums and remained in good standing with your insurance company. When a storm hits, you file a claim to get the money you need understanding what all is covered in your insurance plan.

What happens if your insurance provider does not treat your claim fairly?

There are instances where insurance providers will not treat every claim equal. Sometimes, providers may ignore claims altogether, or try to get away with paying less or no payout without providing reason to the insured person. These situations are considered bad faith insurance claims. In the state of Wisconsin, the Unfair Claims Settlement Practices Act protects policyholders against these situations, making it illegal to act in bad faith when handling claims. If you are experiencing a bad faith claim situation with your provider, reach out to an insurance lawyer immediately. Insurance lawyers are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to carry out legal proceedings following a bad faith claim.

The law offices of Michael M. Raheb, P.A., have experienced Wisconsin insurance lawyers available to help you in these situations. Their team of insurance attorneys will be able to support you as needed to advocate for the coverage you deserve.