The state of Wyoming has seen its fair share of snow storms over the years. Many storms have brought tons of snow to the Cowboy state, resulting in lasting storm damage that has affected tons of people and their homes. Snow storms and other weather-related incidents often bring heavy amounts of snow and precipitation, including hail, which can wreak havoc on homes and other properties. 

For those who have been affected by snow storms and other severe winter weather in Wyoming, there is often a lot of work to do to rebuild. These storms typically cause significant damage to roofing and siding, burst pipes, and other interior and exterior damage that often takes months of rebuilding and a ton of money to fix.

Wyoming Storm Insurance Coverage

Damage from snow storms, hail, and other winter weather are often covered by most typical homeowners insurance policies. Generally, these policies cover damage related to windstorms, hail, fallen objects like trees or power lines, as well as issues from snow and hail. 

Following a storm, if your home is damaged, you will want to submit a claim to your insurance agency immediately. To submit the best claim possible, be sure to include details on the damage caused, with plenty of photos. Additionally, for any damage to your personal property, including furniture, try to include any receipts or other reports of expenses to get the full coverage you are eligible for.

Common Law Against Insurance Providers in Wyoming

Sometimes, insurance agencies will not treat your insurance claims fairly. This can be incredibly frustrating, especially after filing a claim related to storm damage. Unfair claims processing can put a significant dent in your ability to rebuild after a storm, delaying your return to normalcy.

Insurance providers that do not treat your fairs following the outlined laws for insurance agencies are considered to be acting in bad faith. In the state of Wyoming, insurance providers acting in bad faith may be punished by law. Insurance policyholders who have been wronged by their insurance agencies are eligible to file a bad faith lawsuit. A lawsuit can be filed if an insurer can prove their provider did not provide a reasonable basis for a denial of a claim, or evidence the insurer acknowledged or disregarded a lack of explanation for a claims denial. 

If you have experienced either of these instances with your insurance agency, you may be able to file a lawsuit. An insurance lawyer can help you with these legal proceedings and assist you as you advocate for the coverage you deserve. In these instances, consider contacting an insurance attorney as soon as possible. 

The law offices of Michael M. Raheb, P.A., have experty Wyoming insurance lawyers available to assist you through any legal proceedings following a bad faith insurance claim. Their team of insurance lawyers will be able to assist you in the necessary actions following a bad faith insurance claim experience, and advocate on your behalf for the coverage you deserve.