Fort Lauderdale, Fl – According to Local 10 News, a teenager with a stolen truck has crashed into a home that left a damaging hole in front of the home. Around 4 am on June 7, 2021, the incident began when officers received a stolen car report around 3:30 am. The car became visible to law enforcement half an hour after the call. Upon matching the description, police officers began to follow the car.

Upon being followed, the teenage driver began to drive recklessly, therefore losing control of the SUV. The truck then crashed into a family home and officers were able to identify and arrest the juvenile male driver. None were injured or harmed during the crash, but the tenants of the rented home were made inhabitable by Miami Dade code enforcement. The SUV damaged the structural beams of the home. The tenant’s family is currently seeking a new place to live.

What happens if your home is damaged by a car accident? 

Most car accidents involve collisions with two cars. However, exceptions do occur. Car on house accidents can be more dangerous because home residents are more vulnerable than a driver who may have a seatbelt on. This type of injury can bring additional injuries and psychological trauma. Car on home collisions can also carry greater aftermath than auto accidents such as damage to property, additional expenses for moving, and repairs.

However, the immediate process of a car-to-property accident is similar to the typical car-on-car collisions. Some of them include:

  • If you were the driver, don’t leave the scene
  • Stay calm and check for property and auto damage
  • Check for injuries from residents and drivers
  • Call the police
  • Call the driver’s auto insurance and the homeowner’s insurance
  • Document and take photos of the damage
  • Seek medical care if either party needs
  • Contact an auto accident attorney to defend your rights

We understand that auto accidents are not the easiest thing to deal with. Luckily, a skilled attorney can help your case.

Our Fort Lauderdale Attorneys are Ready to Protect you and your family! 

Regardless of the circumstances, it is never a bad idea to contact an auto accident attorney. Fort Lauderdale residents are encouraged to follow accident safety protocols and professionalism to be entitled to the maximum amount of compensation possible. Our attorneys are also equipped to manage negotiations with auto and home insurance. Whether you or a loved one have suffered property damage or personal injury due to an auto collision, our office is ready to fight for and protect our South Florida community. We have offices in Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, and the greater Miami area.

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