Loveland, CO – In 2020, a group of police officers fractured the shoulder of a 73-year-old elderly person with dementia by wresting them to the ground. Upon watching the footage, the officers laughed and made jokes about the arrest. The arrest was initiated when a store employee called the police on the elderly suspect for shoplifting. The two officers responded to the call and used brutal force to wrestle her to the ground, resulting in the injury. The officers then cuffed the suspect and put them in the car.

Following the arrest, the officers kept the injured suspect in a holding cell for hours without an attorney present or medical care. An article from Colorado Newsline states that those same officers are now facing criminal charges. The rest of the officers of the Loveland Police Department are now facing additional mandatory training to prevent future misconduct.

One of the officers is facing felony charges of assault and attempting to influence a public servant. The other is facing three misdemeanors which include failure to report excessive force failure to intervene, and official misconduct. Both officers have resigned and have not entered a plea in court.

The Loveland Police Department also faces an investigation from a third-party consultancy firm for excessive force against the Americans with Disabilities Act.

What to do to help the helpless? 

Unfortunately, police officers do not receive the appropriate training that equips them to handle the disabled. It is highly recommended to hold officers that engage in misconduct against a victim of special needs. Some ways that civilians can hold officers accountable are:

  • Speak with an officer in a professional and calm demeanor.
  • Request the officer (s) badge number.
  • File a formal complaint against the officer’s department of employment.
  • Record the incident on a smartphone and document the footage. This will come in handy in court if the body camera footage is altered in any way.
  • Hire the services of a Colorado police misconduct attorney.

Police misconduct against the elderly is extra egregious and unacceptable. Police departments with go to distant lengths to cover up these specific incidents and they will fight hard in court to protect their reputation.

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